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Frank wants to see boobs. E-mail
Written by Father Panik   
Sunday, 15 January 2012

frank-web.jpgHere's Frank, the latest installment of our Old Guys and Their Tattoos series.

In 1955 Frank was 19 years old and in the Navy, at Naval Station Great Lakes.

He wanted a tattoo.

So one day he boarded a trolley. Stone sober and alone. He didn't want anything or anybody to influence his tattoo.

He took the trolley to Waukegan Illinois to meet  “Dietzel” .

What this 19 year old kid didn't know was that he was about to get a piece of history tattooed on his arm.



  "Dietzel"  was Amund Dietzel. Probably one of the most infulential tattoo artists in the last 100 years.

Amund Dietzel began tatooing in 1907 and continued until July 1 1967 whe the Milwaukee Common Council banned tattooing. Dietzel hung up his machines stating "At least it took the city fifty one years to find out it doesn't want me. Milwaukee used to be a very nice town."

Amund started tattooing as a 14 year old sailor from Norway. The story goes that taught himself to tattoo during a three week journey on a three masted, square rigged ship called Sarepta. He created a set of handtools that consisted of six needles bound with cottan and set in a block of wood.


A shipwreck left him stranded in North America and looking for work.

When he was 17 he was introduced to electric tattooing in New Haven CT by an English immigrant named William Grimshaw. 

Grimshaw practiced "a delicate style and touch synonymous with British tattooists for which Amund would later become revered". The two men became close friends and tattooed each other head to toe.

William and Amund traveled as carneys, appearing in sideshows as tattooed men. They made money by selling photographs of themselves and tattooing between shows.

Amund eventually settled in Milwaukee and spent the rest of his life tattooing sailors heading off to war during WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam.

 So that old school sailor tattoo you love so much? That's where it comes from.

Say "Thank you Amund".


When I finished talking to Frank he asked me why I was so interested in him. I explainded that I love the art and stories behind the old tattoos.

He said "Hmmm, do you think if I get my camera and go up to girls and tell them I'm interested in art they'll let me take pictures of their boobs?"


I thought about it for and said, "Yes. Yes they will".

He laughed and walked away.


 She used to have red cheeks and a red rose.



















Amund passed away in 1974. You can read more about him and see his work in this amazing tome :





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