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Viva Christmas! E-mail
Written by Michelle   
Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Viva Van StoryIf you wanna heat things up under the tree this year I suggest a copy of  Viva Van Story's new  book, Viva's Pinups: Bullet Bras and Backseat Betties . Most of the rehashed retro being passed around these days misses the mark by a mile. Viva's work blows me away. While having retro styling and feel the ladies are more modern with their sophistication and power.  The makeup, hair and props are dead on but then she goes a step further sneaking latex in place of the babydoll threads they would have been wearing back in the 50's. The bondage girls might already be dead (remnants of a snuff flick?) and others are waiting to be killed. A little darker and a little more daring that what you might have found in dad's mens mags but so much more interesting and totally Viva. Viva doesn't just imitate the era, she's created her own story for the time.

Buy the book ! There's 208 pages of great reference for your next pinup tattoo. 

 Speaking of spicing up the holidays...Last year I brought the Yule A Go Go DVD to Christmas dinner and it was a hit! The family loved it. Dancing ladies in front of the fire will warm almost anyone up. They're great stocking stuffers!!

 Speaking of stocking stuffers....Daredevil Tattoo and Fun City Tattoo both have gift certificates  in case your parents don't know what to get you this year.

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