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John John Jesse At Opera Gallery E-mail
Written by Michelle   
Wednesday, 04 May 2011

John John Jesse 


Not paying attention on the subway the other day I missed my stop and ended up walking home from the Spring Street station. My unusual route home led me past a show at Opera Gallery by John John Jesse titled "American Dreamer".  I've admired John John's paintings for years and was so happy I didn't miss this collection of work from him, the first solo show in years. John John is a punk rock Lower East Side native and his paintings bring me back to the gritty LES of old. Sex, drugs, rock n roll with skinny, degenerate often tattooed girls lounging about. The detail and delicate rendering make for some beautiful images.  These were all paited on wood mostly with graphite, ink, gouache and touches of spray paint. The show may be coming down this week so hurry over because the web versions really don't do them justice. Either way check out John Johns work online he's a truly original artist with a great collection of work.

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